Wanted Dead or a Wild Demo

It’s pretty clear why you would want to play this game, but to ensure you minimize your losses, you should consider trying out the demo first. By testing out the Wanted Dead or a Wild demo, you can review the game’s features and experience gameplay firsthand without using any of your own money.

This not only helps you navigate the game’s features, but it’ll give you time to develop betting strategies without having taken some losses along the way. There aren’t any strict requirements to play the demo, and it’ll educate you on the do’s and don’ts when placing a bet.

How to Play the Demo

You can rest assured that it’s pretty easy to access the demo, as most websites hosting the casino game have the demo version available. Players don’t have to provide any identifiable information to get started with the game’s demo version, and it provides ample time to fully understand how the game works.

It’s more than enough to cover your bases and develop your own unique playstyle before you’re ready to dive into the real thing. Even with small bets, if you go head first into the full game, you might encounter numerous losses if you aren’t sure how to navigate the game’s features. This can be detrimental to your winnings and financial situation, and without a thorough understanding of the gameplay, you might make mistakes that could’ve otherwise been avoided.

Use the Demo to Test the Game’s Features

The Wanted Dead or a Wild demo is essentially a full-fledged copy of the real gameplay. This is where you want to actually practice losing so you can avoid certain choices in the future. Along the way, make sure you test out the game’s variety of bonus features to see how they can help you win. This will also help you determine what kind of betting threshold you want to work with.

A few core benefits of the game’s demo include:

  • Being able to test every feature without a financial commitment
  • No need to worry about losing
  • Relaxed gameplay with no risks involved
  • No personal information is required
  • You can take your time and test out different play styles to see what works best

Whether you consider yourself new to online gambling or an expert, you always want to give the demo a try before putting up any of your own money.

How Does the Wanted Dead or a Wild Game Work

Aside from using different strategies and playstyles, there are a few important rules to the game that can’t be avoided. The game boasts an RTP of 96.38%, but this is primarily seen in the bonus rounds. When looking at the base gameplay, the RTP is closer to 94.55%.

Nevertheless, both numbers are pretty generous, and the variance is high. By learning how the game works inside and out, you can quickly improve your chances of a winning outcome and minimize your losses.

Wanted Dead or a Wild Play Instructions

Once you have an understanding of how the gameplay works, you can then integrate your own strategies to take advantage of what the game has to offer. The first step you’ll want to take is to set your bet level, which can easily be done with the up and down arrows found on the screen. After that, you can proceed with the spin button, and don’t forget; you can also utilize the autoplay feature to streamline this process.

If you decide to use automatic spins, you can choose anywhere from 10 to 10,000 autoplays, which you can stop at any time. You can access other gameplay settings through the advanced tab as well.

Other important notes about the gameplay include:

  • Each spin will use the current total bet value
  • Wild symbols substitute for all symbols aside from bonus game and VS symbols
  • You can purchase bonus features through the Bonus Buy button

It never hurts to purchase bonus features if you think they could benefit your earnings. Wanted Dead or a Wild offers four different bonus features, each of which comes with unique benefits that can entirely change the course of your gameplay.

Taking Advantage of Bonus Features

Whether they’re triggered or your purchase them outright, the game’s bonus features can be highly beneficial for your winnings. Some may be more advantageous than others based on your current situation, and you can learn how a few of them work down below.

Duel at Dawn

All you have to do is land at least three duel symbols, and this feature will be triggered in the game. It provides you with 10 free spins, and it’ll give you additional VS symbols as well.

Dead Man’s Hand

You need three or more Dead symbols to activate this feature, and it comes with multiple phases that allow players to collect multipliers and wilds.

The Great Train Robbery

When you land three or more Great Train Robbery symbols, this feature delivers 10 free spins, and it also includes sticky wild symbols.